Chapter 1 Introduction
    You are never going to see sunlight again. You will never breathe fresh air, or be warm, or feel safe.
    That is your punishment. For your crimes, you are to be thrown into a magical portal and banished to Avernum, never to return.
    What was your crime? Not what you might think. Not murder, or arson, or crimes against other people. No, your crime was against the Empire, ruled by the cruel Emperor Hawthorne. You spoke out against an unjust law, or you angered one in power, or you may just have been a misfit. Not being able to fit in can be a crime, too, if it offends the wrong person.
    And so you are being sent to Avernum. It is not a different land. After all, the Empire controls the entire surface of the world. All four continents have completely submitted to its rule.
    No, Avernum is a series of caverns, far below the surface of the world. It is a dark, subterranean prison, a place where exiles like yourselves spent the rest of their lives, far from the light.
    What is it like? Nobody on the surface knows. All they know is that it is dark, and unpleasant, and that it is a place to be regarded only with fear.
    Some people believe that there is no air, no warmth, no food. They believe death comes with merciful speed. Some are less optimistic. They believe that there is enough food to enable Avernites to endure a miserable, wormlike existence. Until, of course, the monsters get you. And a few believe that Avernum is a paradise. A subterranean land of pleasure and relief, and of freedom from the Empire’s iron rule. People mad enough to believe Avernum is paradise soon end up there themselves.
    They don’t really know what it is like. Nobody on the surface does. But soon, you will. There is no appeal to the judge’s decision. Early one morning, in a low stone building far from any city, you are taken to the teleported. You breathe clean air one last time. Then they throw you in ...

How is this supplement supposed to be used?
    This supplement is supposed to allow the GM to hold a 3rd Edition D&D game in an Avernum setting.  The chapters are laid out to mimic the players handbook so information can be found in appropriate Chapters
    Also note I’m trying to work on the supplement Chronologically that means Avernum, Avernum 2, Avernum 3.  I’ll still probably grab a bit from the sequel from time to time.

Chapter 2 Races
Humans: Standard as DnD
+2 Dex -2 Con  Nephilim are extraordinary dexterous but are slightly less robust then other humanoids
Lowlight vision
Proficient with one of the following Longbow, Shortbow, Cmp Longbow, Cmp Shortbow.  Nephilim are trained in the use of bows from birth.
Base Speed 30
Medium Sized
+2 racial bonus to saves against spells in the enchantment school.
+2 Spot, Listen  Nephilim have sharp ears and eyes
+2 Hide and Move Silently checks  Nephilim posses the grace of all felines
Favored Class Rogue
+2 Con -2 Cha  Slithzerikai are thick skinned and hardy but have short fuses and tend towards arrogance
Dark Vision 60 Feet
Medium Size
30 feet movement
Proficient with one of the following Shortspear, Longspear, Trident, Glaive
+4 on all saving throws involving fire.  Slithzerikai skin acts as a good insulator.
Coldblooded:  Slithzerikai are naturally cold blooded and may be in more danger in certain situations and suffer a -2 to all saves involving cold
 +2 on Craft checks involving stone.  Lacking access and the skill to use most metals Slithzerikai are skilled in stoneworking
+1 Natural armor:  Slithzerikai Scales provide them with a extra layer of defense.
Favored Class Barbarian
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Chapter 3 Classes
    Or Why is your character being sent to Avernum?

Barbarian:  You are a savage to the Empire.  Some of your people became accustom to the Empire but you refused to be domesticated.  They sent you down for your restlessness. 

Bard:  You performed for the common folk and for the Nobles.  The common folk needed joyful comedies about foolish and cowardly lords and courageous and wise peasants.  Those same lords decided that some of your more popular numbers were inciting for riots.  They sent you down for them.

Clerics:  You lead a simple pious life.  Helping people came naturally to you.  Unfortunately, some of the people your helped were not liked by the higher ups.  So they sent you down on a trumped up heresy charge. 

Druid:  You meditate in your home.  Unfortunately the Empire needs those lands.  After repeatedly defending your lands from miners, lumberjacks, farmers you were caught and sent down to Avernum.

Fighter:  You were a mercenary, a guard, maybe even a soldier.  Eventually your tour of duty ended and were left with nothing.  Eventually you got in the wrong bar fight and send down as a malcontent.

Monk:  Your life is filled with contemplation.  The Empire doesn’t like your ability to fight independent from weapons.  Nor to they like your philosophical questioning nature.  Fearing you could train a group of martial guerrillas they sent you down on the word of some kangaroo court.

Paladin:  You possess a courageous heart and ready sword.  You pledged your life to rooting our evil.  But after exposing evil and corruption in the Empires rule one to many times, you were quietly sent down to Avernum.  They didn’t even try to pin a crime on you.

Ranger:  You lead a life of vengeance.  As much as the town guard appreciated your added help.  The lords that ruled your lands didn’t like your style of vigilantism.  So down you go.

Rogue:  You defy the law.  You are nimble and quick and good with your hands.  You also have the tendency to walk off with things you don't own.  The Empire sends people like you down in droves.

Sorcerer:  Magic is in your blood.  After hiding this fact from the Empire for many years you were eventually caught and shipped down to Avernum for the crime of unlicensed Magery.

Wizard:  Magic came naturally to you, but your parents couldn’t afford to send you to an expensive Empire run mage school designed more to make loyal mages then powerful ones.  Your education began in the company of a hermit, a bard who dabbled heavily in the arcane or maybe in the prolific back room magic schools.  Eventually you were caught and sent down for illegal Magic.
Rough Beyond this point
Chapter 4 Skills
Add extra skills to wilderness lore

About Craft Skills
    Because metals are so hard to find weapons are more expensive to make, but not necessarily harder to make if they have the right tools.  To make a weapon of superior materials the maker must pay 1/3 the inflated cost.  e.g. a steel broadsword costs 45 gold so the maker must pay 15 gp to make one. 
Know ledges
    Avernum (int)
    Empire (int)

    Given the general lack of constant access to either Divine or Arcane magic the people had to find a way to compensate.  Then one day Old Thadius {Creative License} discovered that many of the plants growing in Avernum mirror the medical effects of many plants on the surface.  So armed with vials, vellum, and a bag full of lizards Thadius set out to document the effects of various lichen and mushrooms and managed to adapt some of the recipes he had brought down from the surface.
Alchemy [Expanded] (int;trained only)
    Check:  Crafting alchemical drafts requires 3 things: the alchemical recipe, the materials, and the time.  Crafting through the Alchemy skill is done exactly like crafting any other item.  The maker pays one third the cost for materials, rolls a d20 and add their alchemical skill, then multiplies that by the DC to find their output.  The DC for the alchemy check depends on the strength of the potion he creates.  From weakest to strongest their strength is: Potion, Brew, Elixir.  The Craft DC’s are as follow.
Draft DC10
Potion DC 15
Elixir DC 20
Brew DC 25
There are situations which can effect the craft DC
Condition            Penalty
Poor Equipment           -2
Recipe Penalties           --
Weaker Recipe           -2
Incorrect Recipe           -4
No written Recipe           -6
No Recipe but Example       +2*
Never Seen Recipe    Impossible
* only reduces penalty doesn’t provide bonus
Retry:  Yes; but in the case of making alchemical drafts failing increases the side effect DC by 1 and failing by 5 or more ruins half the raw materials and you have to pay half again.

There are many parts to an Alchemy Item they are:
Name-name of the potion
Strength-whether it is a potion, brew, draft, or elixir
Effect-the effect the draft has on the drinker
Save Delay-how much time must elapse before the drinker makes a side effect DC
DC-the difficulty of resisting the alchemical side effects Always Fortitude unless noted
Side Effect-unwanted effects caused by drinking the Alchemical drafts a (S) means that side effect replaces the original effect
Potion Cost- average price to purchase the potion
Recipe Cost- cost to purchase the recipe
Herbs-what types of herbs needed if using the optional ingredients rule
Description-what the Item looks, smells, tastes like.
All recipes can be found in chapter 12 Alchemical drafts

Specialty Items

There are six sorts of potion ingredients: Healing Herbs, Spiritual Herbs, Energetic Herbs, Toadstools, Graymold, and Mandrake. Types Healing, Energy, Haste,Graymold Salve,Balm of Life
Balm of Life DC 25 Allows for raise dead and like. also acts as flesh to stone
GrayMold Salve DC  20  Restoration
modify certain craft skills to account for stone and bronze
Chapter 5 feats
    Add Avernum specific feats?
    Feats based on Avernum special Abilities
Smuggled in
May start the game with one item of normal quality Iron Ash at PHB price

Chapter 6 Description
Create stats for slith, neph
create pantheon?
Age for Slith, Neph  As Human
Height 5’ Mod 3d8 base weight 130 lb. Mod x2d6  Slith
Height 4’10” mod 2d6 Base weight 100lb Mod x1d8 Neph

Chapter 7 Equipment
        When you are shipped down to Avernum the first thing your supposed to do is see Tor.  The Castle decided to try and make a better life for every one who comes down here and so gives allowances to newcomers to Avernum so they do not resort to lawlessness.
    It should also be known that metal is scare down in Avernum.  The cost to purchase a weapon is for a weapon of stone.  Purchasing a weapon made of Bronze Iron or even Steel is more expensive
Weapons and Armor
    Weapons and armor tend to be hard to come by with most items produced going directly towards the Avernum army.  Most beginning adventurers start off with stone weapons and shoddy armor.  The following shows the effects of different weapon materials
    Stone -1 Atk -1 dmg
    Bronze -1 Atk
    Iron  Standard
    Steel +1 Atk
    Poor +1 AC check Penalty
    Average Standard Armor
    Superior +1 Max Dex
Bows and Cross Bows
    Cave wood -25% Range Increment
    Ash Standard
    Yew +25% Range Increment
{Authors Note:Yes this does mean that beginning adventurers do start off very weak, However, don’t forget that some of the very first Nephil and Bandits also have stone and bronze weapons.}
    Weapons of superior quality are hard to find and the price to buy them is grossly inflated.  To find the cost of an item made of superior materials, multiply the standard price (the one you would pay for stone,poor,cavewood,etc)by percentage listed then add that to the standard price e.x. Scott wants to buy a iron longsword he takes the standard price (15 gp) multiplies that by 1 (100%=1) getting 15, now Scott adds that to the standard price getting 30 (15+15=30).  Scott must pay a smith 30 gold pieces for his shiny new iron longsword.
Stone +0%
Bronze +50%
Iron +100%
Steel +200%
Poor +0%
Average +100%
Superior +200%
 Bows and other wood Items
Ash +100%
Yew +200%
Exotic Weapons
       Cost    Damage    Critical    Range    Weight        Type
Wave Disc    12 gp    1d6    x3    30    3 lb        Slashing
Slith Spear    10 gp    1d8    18-20/x2    20      8 lb        Piercing
Wave Blade    35 Gp    1d10    19-20/x2    -    10 lb        Slashing
Superior and Special Items
    Piercing crystal

Chapter 8 Combat
No New Additions here

Chapter 9 Adventuring
Make rules for Avernum survival
include specific details about Avernum
    Avernum is a system of caves spanning under the earth.  Most of Avernum is a chilly 55 degrees.  Areas near volcanic activity tend to be warmer ranging into 100+ Degrees while other areas make a good attempt at reaching freezing point averaging 40 degrees most of the year
Movement Rates
    Terrain Types
    Avernum is not as alien as it seems, after all you are in the same world just below the ground.  Many of the Terrain types of surface are mirrored in Avernum.  Yes the grand towering forest of spruces have been replaced with dense sprinkling of struggling cavewood trees and the savages jungles are now massive tangles of mushrooms and lichen but these do not present anymore of a threat in Avernum then they do on the surface.
Vision And light
    Most of Avernum is lit by a phosperescent fungus that grows natural on the cave ceilings and in many other places and emits a pale green-white light.  An area with a naturally high concentration of fungus allows characters to see 120 feet without penalties.  Each full 120 feet provokes a -2 penalty to  spot checks.  This is in addition to the normal spot check penalties.  Note that most of Avernum is not densely covered into the fungi and less dense areas provide proportional lighting.  Cities are covered with bonfires, glow lamps, torches and do not normal have any lack of lighting.

Chapter 10 Magic
    Magic is a rare thing in Avernum.  Well that is not exactly true yes there are hedge wizards abound and the pseudo magical alchemical potions do grant Avernite troops an ace in the hole.  But pure magic items?  Those are rare as the only mages powerful enough to make them (X, Solberg, Erika) Don’t want to.  Magic items are twice as expensive as the book value and spells also cost twice as much.  You could classify Avernum as Magic Low(DMG 164) but it is not as feared.

Chapter 11 Spells
Write up Fire Bolt, Ice lances, New Spells?

Fire Bolt
Evocation [Fire]
Level: Wiz/Sor 1
Components: S,M
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Medium (100ft+10ft/level)
Effect: Ray
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Reflex half
Spell Resistance: Yes
    A bright bolt of flame shots from the casters hand doing 1d6 points of fire damage a level to a max of 5d6.  It is possible to light objects on fire with this spell, but the impact is to short to cause a person to catch on fire.
Material Components: a pinch of sulfur.

Ice Lances
Evocation [Cold]
Level: Wiz/Sor 2
Components: V,S
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Medium (100ft+10ft/level)
Targets: 1 target/level
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Reflex half
Spell Resistance: Yes
    Blue lines of ice spring forth from the casters fingers striking creatures with a bolt of ice.  The caster may target 1 creature per caster level (maximum number of targets allowed is 5).  Creatures struck by an ice lance take 1d4 cold damage per caster level (maximum 5d4). One creature may not be struck by multiple Lances.

Lighting Spray
Evocation [Electricity]
Level: Wiz/Sor 4
Components V,M
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Medium (100ft+10ft/level)
Targets: 1 target/level
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throws: Reflex half
Spell Resistance: Yes
    Brilliant Arcs of lightning burst from the casters striking one target a level(maximum 10).  The targets do not have to be in any sort of proximity to each other, merely in range.  All struck by a lightning spray take 1d6 damage every 2 caster levels (maximum 10d6)

{Authors Note: I put Ice Lances at second and Lightning Spray at fourth level to put decent Evocation Direct Damage spells at an even level (Take a look at the spell list when you have a chance)}.

Chapter 12 Alchemical Drafts
Name-Health Draft
Effect-1d8+3 HP healed
Save Delay-on consumption
Side Effect-(S) Damage healed become subdual
Potion Cost- 30 gp
Recipe Cost- 300
Herbs-Healing Herbs
Description-what the Item looks, smells, tastes like.

Name-Curing Draft
Effect-1d4 points of ability damage, or +4 alchemical bonus to poison or fortitude saves for 1d10 x 10 minutes
Save Delay-on consumption
Side Effect-ability damage recoved is halved,(S) +2 alchemical bonus to poison or fortitude and duration is halved
Potion Cost- 40 gp
Recipe Cost- 400
Herbs-Healing Herbs
Description-what the Item looks, smells, tastes like.

Name-Energy Draft
Effect-If the drinker prepares spells, the drinker recovers 1 spell 1st level or below; if the drinker spontaneously cast spells, the drinker recovers access to 1 spell slot 1st level or below; if the drinker uses power points the user recovers 1 power point; the drinker can only benefit from one of these effects
Save Delay-1d10 minutes
Side Effect-drinker nauseated for 3d10 minutes
Potion Cost- 100 gp
Recipe Cost- 1000 gp
Herbs-Energetic Herbs, Spiritual Herbs
Description-what the Item looks, smells, tastes like.

Name-Haste Draft
Effect-Expeditous Retreat Duration: 1d10 minutes or cures fatigue
Save Delay-end of duration
Side Effect-Fatigued for duration equal to draft duration; No effect.
Potion Cost- 50
Recipe Cost- 500
Herbs-Energetic Herbs
Description-what the Item looks, smells, tastes like.

Name-Healing Potion
Effect-2d8+5 Hp
Save Delay-on consumption
Side Effect-(S)Hit points healed become subdual damage
Potion Cost- 150 gp
Recipe Cost- 1500 gp
Herbs-what types of herbs needed if using the optional ingredients rule
Description-what the Item looks, smells, tastes like.

Name-Curing Potion
Effect-heals 1d6 abilty, +6 alchemical bonus to poison or disease saves for 2d10x 10  minutes
Save Delay- 2d6 rounds
Side Effect-ability damage returns, poison and disease alchemical save bonus halved, duration halved.
Potion Cost- 200
Recipe Cost- 2000
Herbs-what types of herbs needed if using the optional ingredients rule
Description-what the Item looks, smells, tastes like.

Name-Energy Potion
Effect-If the user recovers spells the user recovers 1 spell of 2nd level or lower; if the user spontaneously casts spells, the user recovers 1 spell slot of 2nd level or lower; if the user uses Power Points the user recovers 3 points.
Save Delay-1d10 minutes
Side Effect-nauseated 1d10 x 10 minutes; 1d2 points of spell casting attribute damage (Int if wizard, Wis if Cleric, Cha if Sorcerer, or whatever stat determines your bonus Power points if using psionics
Potion Cost- 500
Recipe Cost- 5000
Herbs-what types of herbs needed if using the optional ingredients rule
Description-what the Item looks, smells, tastes like.
Chapter 13 Magic Items

    This chapter deals with magic items found in Avernum.  I will either list the effects of the item or the magic item it parallels.  The more important items will recieve full write ups.

    Ring of Vulnerablity:-2 AC; Cursed
    Ring of Idiocy:-2 Int; Cursed
    Clumsy Ring:-2 Dex; Cursed
    Ring of Exposure:-2 Con; Cursed
    Ring of Grief:-4 Str, -4 Dex, -4 Int; Cursed
    Magnetic Ring: +2 Deflection AC
    Shield Ring: Ring of protection
    Ring of Health: 10 temporary hit points
    Resistance Ring:+2 Fort Saves
    Fletcher’s Ring:+1 To Hit With bows;+3 Craft(fletching)
    Armor Ring: Ring of Protection
    Warrior’s Ring +1 Hit, Dmg in Melee; +2 Profession(Soldier)
    Rogues Leather: +1 Shadow Leather Armor;When worn by someone with ranks in Pick Pocket,Open Lock,Disable Device they recive a +2 bonus to that skill(s)
    Mauling Leather: +1 Studded Leather Armor;User may a smite ability gaining a +4 to damage 3/day as a free action
    Shadow Leather+1 Shadow Leather; If the user is has 6 Ranks in Move Silently and Hide the user may use Shadow Jump ability as a 4th level Shadow Dancer, If the user is a Shadow Dancer then the armor extends their maximum Shadow Jump by 10 ft
    Icy Chain Mail:+2 Chain Mail; Fire Resistance
    Assasin’s Dagger:
    Diamond Dagger:+1 Ghost Touch, Brilliant Energy Dagger
    Flaming Sword:+2 Flaming Burst Longsword
    Icy Sword:+2 Icy Burst Longsword
    Giant Slayer +3 Defending Giant Bane Long Spear
Wondrous Item
    Assassins Band:Bracelet;+1 Atk,Dmg to a monster subtype
    Nimble Band:Bracelet;Expeditious retreat 6th level caster 3/day
    Strength Bracelet:Gauntlets of Ogre Power
    Dexterity Bracelet:Gloves of Dexterity
    Intelligence Bracelet:Headband of Intellect
    Mage’s Bracelet:+2 Spell Craft; +2 Knowledge(Arcana)
    Priest’s Bracelet:+2 Spell Craft; +2 Knowledge(Religion)
    Warrior’s Bracelet:+2 Hit; +4 Profession(Soldier)
        Lucky Bracelet:+1 Saves??
    Monkey Bracelet: -4 Str; -4 Int; Cursed
    Chill Charm:Necklace; Ring of Minor Elemental Resistance fire
    Warmth Charm:Necklace; Ring of Minor Elemental Resistance Cold
    Shielding Charm:Necklace;Ring Of Protection
    Basic Charm:Necklace; Ring of Minor Elemental Resistance Acid
    Freedom Charm:Necklace;+2 Will Save
    Crystal Charm:Necklace;+10 to saves vs Flesh To Stone and similar Effects
    Knowledge Charm:Necklace;Bestows +4 Knowledge(Any One)
    Sticky Charm:Necklace;User Entangled;Cursed
    Harm Charm:-4 AC;Cursed
     Shard of Release:Cures Charm and Domination on all within 30 ft;One use
    Archer’s Cloak:+1 Atk,Dmg When using Bow
    Pants of Power:+1 Ref Saves
    Pants of Sorrow:-2 Ref Saves
    Robe Of the Magi:10 Point Fire Resistance;+2 Intelligence;+2 Spell Craft,Knowledge(Aracana)
Minor Artifacts
    Mind Crystals-Grant Specific Ability(to be done later)
    Demon Slayer:Neutral Good, +2 Holy, Evil Outsider Bane, Great Sword, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 11, Semi-Empathy, Detect Evil Outsider at will, Knowledge (Evil Outsider) 10 ranks Purpose Slay Evil Outsider  Ego 12
    Alien Weapon:True Neutral, +4 Wounding, Ghost Touch, Keen Wave Blade; Int 18, Wis 13 Cha 13, Empathy, Clairvoyance 3/day, Blind Fight, Read Vahnatai, Inflict Poison 3/day as spell (su) DC 15 Ego 19

Things coming in later additions

Magic Items
    Orb of Thralni
Superior Items like piercing crystals
Dungeons: First Nephilim Fort, Bandit Caves
Stats for Vahnatai Characters
Actual Alchemical Brews
More Definite Feats

Appendix A: Monsters
Mung Rat: as dire rat +2 HD and Stink Glands (ranged touch attack, Fort DC 13 -2 atk,dmg,saves 1d4 rounds)
Firebat: As Dire bat + breath weapon reflex half DC 14 2d6 cone of fire 30 feet every 1d4 rounds
Nehparim Concept: Hob Nephilim Stronger more endurance Neuter

Giant Intelligent Friendly Talking Spiders
Large Magical Beast
Hit Dice:        3d10
Initiative:        +1 (Dex)
Speed:        40 ft Climb 40 ft
AC:            14 (+1 Dex +4 Natural Armor -1 Size)
Attacks:        Bite +4 (+3 base +2 Str -1 Size)
Damage:        Bite 1d8+3
Face/Reach:    5ft by 10ft/ 5ft
Special Attacks:    Poison (As Large Spider)
Special Qualities:    -
Saves:        Fort +3 Ref +4 Will +0
Abilities:        Str 14 Dex 13 Con 11 Int 11 Wis 8 Cha 8
Skills:            Climb +14 Craft(Weaving) +4 Jump +6 Listen +5 Spot +5                         Knowledge(any) +3
Feats    :        Alertness

Climate/Terrain: Underground
Organization:    Family (Neat!)
Challenge Rating:    2
Treasure:        Flies (YUM!)
Alignment:        Neutral Good (Cute!)
Advancement:    By Character Class
Medium Huminoid
Hit Dice:        1d8 (4)
Initiative:        +1 (Dex)
Speed:        30 Ft
AC:            15 (+1 Dex +3 Poor Studded Leather +1 Buckler)
Attacks:        +0 Stone Short Sword +2 Cavewood Long Bow
Damage:        1d6-1 Short Sword 1d8 Cavewood Long Bow
Face/Reach:    5ft by 5ft/5ft
Special Attacks:    -
Special Qualities:    Low light vision
Saves:        Fort +1 Ref +1 Will +0
Abilities:        Str 10 Dex 13 Con 9 Int 10 Wis 11 Cha 10
Skills:            +4 Climb, +2 Wilderness Lore, +2 Spot, +2 Listen, +2 Hide,                 +2 Move Silently
Feats    :        Point Blank Shot (not included)

Climate/Terrain: Underground/Forest
Organization:    Gang (4-9) Raiding Party (10-25 + 3rd level Seargent)
Challenge Rating:    1/2
Treasure:        Standard (Stone Goods Only)
Alignment:        By Class
Advancement:    Usually chaotic neutral

Medium Huminoid
Hit Dice:        1d8+1 (5)
Initiative:        +1 (Dex)
Speed:        30 Ft
AC:            15 (+1 Dex +3 Poor Studded Leather +1 Buckler)
Attacks:        +1 Stone Short Sword +2 Cavewood Mighty (+1) Composite             Long Bow
Damage:        1d6 Short Sword 1d8+1 Cavewood Mighty (+1) Composite                 Long Bow
Face/Reach:    5ft by 5ft/5ft
Special Attacks:    -
Special Qualities:    Low light vision
Saves:        Fort +1 Ref +1 Will +0
Abilities:        Str 12 Dex 13 Con 11 Int 10 Wis 11 Cha 10
Skills:            +4 Climb, +2 Wilderness Lore, +2 Spot, +2 Listen, +2 Hide,                 +2 Move Silently
Feats    :        Point Blank Shot (not included)

Climate/Terrain: Underground/Forest
Organization:    Gang (4-9) Raiding Party (10-25 + 3rd level Seargent)
Challenge Rating:    1/2
Treasure:        Standard (Stone Goods Only)
Alignment:        By Class
Advancement:    Usually chaotic neutral

Medium Huminoid
Hit Dice:        1d8+2 (7 hp)
Initiative:        +0 Dex
Speed:        30 Ft
AC:            15 (+1 Dex +3 Poor Studded Leather +1 Natural)
Attacks:        +0 Stone Short Spear +0 Javelin
Damage:        1d8-1 Short Spear 1d6-1 Stone Javelin
Face/Reach:    5ft by 5ft/5ft
Special Attacks:    -
Special Qualities:    Dark Vision
Saves:        Fort +1 Ref +1 Will +0
Abilities:        Str 11 Dex 10 Con 13 Int 10 Wis 11 Cha 8
Skills:            +4 Climb, +2 Wilderness Lore, +2 Spot, +2 Listen,
            +2 Craft(stone)
Feats    :        Alertness

Climate/Terrain:  Underground
Organization:    Gang (4-9) Raiding Party (10-25 + 3rd level Seargent)
Challenge Rating:    1/2
Treasure:        Standard (Stone Goods Only)
Alignment:        By Class
Advancement:    Usually lawful neutral

Mung Rat
Small Animal
Hit Dice:        3d8+3 (15 hp)
Initiative:        +3 (Dex)
Speed:        40 ft, Climb 20 ft
AC:            15 (+3 Dex +1 Size +1 Natural)
Attacks:        Bite +4 Melee, Mung Spray +4 Ranged
Damage:        Bite 1d4, Mung Spray Special
Face/Reach:    5ft by 5ft/5ft
Special Attacks:    Mung Spray
Special Qualities:    Scent
Saves:        Fort +4 Ref +6 Will +4
Abilities:        Str 10 Dex 17 Con 12 Int 1 Wis 12 Cha 4
Skills:            Climb +11, Hide +11, Move Silently +6
Feats    :        Weapon Finesse (bite)

Climate/Terrain: Underground
Organization:    Solitary or Pack(11-20)
Challenge Rating:    1/2
Treasure:        none
Advancement:    Always neutral
Alignment:        4-6 Medium
            7-9 Large   
Mung Spray (ex)  As a standard action a mung rat may make a ranged touch attack against a single opponent, if succesful, the target must make a fortitude save DC 14 or suffer a -1 penalty to Atk and Dmg for 1d4 minutes,  A mung rat uses this to harrass predators or weaken prey.

Written and Designed by David Hawkins
Thanks to Drakefyre for showing interest.
to Alorael for reminding me to include GIFTS